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Commissioner FOI responses 2013

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January 2013
Question:  Under the Freedom of Information Act please could you provide for the following information?
1. What were the names of the 157 independent assessors employed by OCPA until 2011?
2. Have either the Public Appointments Commissioner or any of the independent assessors currently employer OCPA attended courses run by Common Purpose?
3. How many times has Julia Middleton of Common Purpose acted as independent assessor for appointments regulated by OCPA? Please identify the competitions concerned?
Independent Public Appointment Assessors
(the annex to this response is available from us on request)

Question:  Please would you supply me with the following information in relation to your HR and payroll solution / service (if you use different solutions/providers for HR and payroll, please provide details of both:
1.  The name of your current HR/payroll software solution and provider.  If this is outsourced please provide the name of your outsourcing provider.
2. The date that the contract was signed with your HR/payroll provider.
3. The length of the current contract term for both HR and payroll.
4. The date that the HR and payroll contracts are due to be renewed.
5. The current annual maintenance chargesfor your HR/payroll solution.
6. The original contract value of your HR/payroll solution.
HR and Payroll


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