The Commissioner for Public Appointments

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In the news - Public Appointments - Chair of OFSTED (3 February 2014)

In light of the recent media interest, the Commissioner thought it would be helpful to set out the factual position regarding his role in regulating appointments to public bodies:

  • The Public Appointments Commissioner plays no part in a decision not to re-appoint someone at the end of their term of office. That is a matter for Government.
  • Ministerial appointments to public bodies regulated by the Commissioner must be made in line with the Commissioners Code of Practice which sets out that appointments must follow an open, fair and merit-based process, overseen by a panel.  In the case of Chair appointments, the panel must be chaired by an independent Public Appointments Assessor appointed by the Commissioner.
  • The panel’s job is to judge the suitability of candidates and to provide a list of candidates who are ‘above the line’ i.e. they have the ability to do the job. It is then for the relevant Minister to choose which of these candidates to appoint.
  • The Commissioner publishes statistics on declared political activity in appointments regulated by his office each year.

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