The Commissioner for Public Appointments

Press Self-Regulation

Following the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the press (which reported on 29 November 2012), a Royal Charter on the self regulation of the press was granted by the Privy Council on 30 October 2013. The Royal Charter establishes a Recognition Panel with functions and duties relating to the recognition of press industry self regulators in accordance with the terms of the Charter.

The Commissioner for Public Appointments, Sir David Normington, has agreed to take on the functions given to him under the Royal Charter. These functions are:-

  • to appoint the Appointments Committee which will make the initial appointments to the Board of the Recognition Panel, to decide how many people will serve on that Committee, and to allow his office to support the work of that Committee; and
  • to consider whether and confirm that the process followed in the selection of any person who is proposed for appointment to the Board of the Recognition Panel in the future is fair, open and merit-based.

Latest News

Update 7 February 2014

The Appointments Committee have now launched a competition to appoint the Chair of the Board of the Recognition Panel

Update 24 January 2014

The Commissioner has today announced the membership of the Appointments Committee to appoint the Chair and members of the Board of the Recognition Panel established under the Royal Charter on self regulation of the press.

The Royal Charter requires the Appointments Committee to be chaired by a Public Appointments Assessor. Dame Anne Pringle, former British Ambassador to Moscow and a current Public Appointment Assessor, will therefore chair the Committee. The other members of the Committee are:-

  • Dr Chitra Bharucha, former Vice Chair of the BBC Trust and former member of the General Medical Council;
  • Andrew Flanagan, former Chief Executive of the Scottish Media Group and current Civil Service Commissioner; and
  • Elizabeth France, former Information Commissioner and current Chair of the Office for Legal Complaints.

Read the biographies of the Appointments Committee.

In assembling the Appointments Committee the Commissioner has sought to appoint people with the right mix of skills and experience to make the appointments, including those with experience in regulatory matters, the media industry and consumer affairs.

The Commissioner has set out how the Committee is required to go about making the appointments in the appointment letters he has sent to them. He expects the process to appoint the Chair of the Board of the Recognition Panel to commence as soon practicable. It is a requirement of the Royal Charter that the Chair of the Board of the Recognition Panel is appointed first and that, once appointed, the Chair takes part in the process to appoint the members of the Board.

The Appointments Committee will now put in place the arrangements for the competition to appoint the Chair of the Board of the Recognition Panel. The Commissioner has asked the Committee to launch the competition as soon as possible in February.