The Commissioner for Public Appointments

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What we do

The Commissioner for Public Appointments regulates the processes by which Ministers (including Welsh Ministers) make appointments to the boards of national and regional public bodies. He also currently regulates appointments processes in relation to some bodies in Northern Ireland.

What the Commissioner does

The Commissioner’s main functions are set out in the Public Appointments Order in Council 2016, and the Governance Code.

The Commissioner must exercise his functions with the object of ensuring that appointing authorities act in accordance with the Governance Code including the principles of public appointments.

The Commission issues an annual report and investigates complaints about the appointment processes over which he has regulatory oversight.

What the Commissioner does not do

The Commissioner for Public Appointments does not:

  • make appointments himself;
  • provide information about the availability of public appointments; or
  • deal with the procedures or respond to queries relating to appointments which do not fall within his remit, such as civil service appointments, or judicial appointments.  For civil service appointments contact the Civil Service Commission; for judicial appointments please contact the Judicial Appointments Commission.