The Commissioner for Public Appointments

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Monitoring compliance

One of the main functions of the Commissioner for Public Appointments is to monitor compliance with his Code of Practice. He does this by:

  • regular audit of appointments processes within his remit; and
  • issuing an Annual Report giving detailed information about appointments processes, summaries of the audit, complaints made and highlights of the main issues which have arisen during the previous 12 months.

The Role of the Audit

Under the Public Appointments Order in Council 2002, the Commissioner is required to audit appointment policies and practices to establish whether his Code of Practice is being observed.

Each year a selection of public appointments within the Commissioner’s remit are formally audited by independent auditors, retained by the Commissioner. Additional audits may be conducted if the Commissioner considers it necessary. These may cover issues arising from a previous audit or relate to an individual complaint or a series of complaints.

In order to facilitate the work of the independent auditors, departments are required to ensure that there is a an audit trail of records readily available. All documentation (including any paperwork handled by recruitment consultants) must be retained by the relevant government department.

The result of the audit is published in summary form in the Commissioner’s Annual Report and in an annual Audit Summary.

Departmental Compliance Ratings

For 2015, the majority of Departments (14, representing 35% of total appointments) were assessed as either ” green ” or ” amber green” , but there were 6 (representing 64% of total appointments) that were assessed as “red” or ” “amber/red”, The Public Appointments Commissioner follows up on these high -risk Departments giving them an action plan for improvement and asking them to report back on progress

Indicative ratings of Departments alphabetically can be seen here.

Indicative ratings of Departments in order of risk assessment can be seen here.