The Commissioner for Public Appointments

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Promoting Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Promoting Equality of Opportunity and Diversity in the procedures for making public appointments has been part of the Commissioner’s official remit since 2002 (Equal Opportunity) and 2008 (Diversity).

The Commissioner promotes equal opportunities and diversity in a number of ways. These include:

  • specific principles and requirements in the Code of Practice;
  • regularly meeting and presenting information about public appointments to targeted groups in order to encourage a wide range of people to apply to be considered for public appointments;
  • conducting investigations into potential barriers which may affect particular members of society from applying for public appointments; and
  • collecting statistics annually in relation to appointments and reappointments within the Commissioner’s remit by reference to gender, ethnicity, age and disability. These statistics are published in the Commissioner’s Annual Report.


Public Appointments Diversity Strategy

The Commissioner for Public Appointments is committed to regulating an appointments process that routinely seeks to achieve diversity on the boards of public bodies.

Though responsibility for making public appointments lies with Ministers, the Commissioner has an important role in promoting diversity and equality of opportunity in public appointments.

With this in mind, the Commissioner has published a Public Appointments Diversity Strategy