The Commissioner for Public Appointments

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Who we are

The Commissioner’s aim is to ensure that public appointments within his remit are made on merit after a fair, open and transparent process.

The Commissioner

The Commissioner for Public Appointments is:

  • appointed by the Crown;
  • independent of government; and
  • not a civil servant.

The current Commissioner is Peter Riddell. He was appointed as Commissioner with effect from 20 April 2016 following a fair and open appointment competition. Peter’s appointment was also approved by the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee following a pre-appointment hearing.

Find out more about why the role of Commissioner was established

OCPA Secretariat

The Commissioner is supported by a joint secretariat provided by the Civil Service Commission.

Peter Lawrence OBE is the Chief Executive of the Commission Secretariat.

The staff mostly involved in OCPA work are Clive Barbour and Alex Morrow, who deal with public appointments policy.  Carrie Aitken and Freddie Lupson handle complaints.

The Secretariat can be contacted on 020 7271 0833.