What we do

Departments now publish real-time data to enable effective scrutiny of individual appointment processes.

The Commissioner’s main functions are set out in the Public Appointments Order in Council 2016 (PDF)  They are:

  • Monitoring public appointments processes within his remit by:
    • Ensuring that appointing authorities act in accordance with the Government”s new Governance Code, including the Principles of Public Appointments
    • Carrying out an audit of the procedures and practices followed by appointing authorities in making public appointments,
    • Hearing complaints and investigating any aspect of the appointment processes.
  • Monitoring compliance with the Governance Code by:
    • carrying out a regular audit of appointments processes within his remit;
    • conducting investigations into any aspect of public appointments to improve their quality;
    • issuing an annual report based on his regulatory work, including information about non-compliance and an account of any inquiry into the public appointment procedures and practices of appointing authorities.

The Commissioner for Public Appointments does not:

  • make appointments himself;
  • provide information about the availability of public appointments; or
  • deal with the procedures or respond to queries relating to appointments which do not fall within his remit, such as civil service appointments, or judicial appointments.  For civil service appointments contact the Civil Service Commission; for judicial appointments please contact the Judicial Appointments Commission.

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