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Commissioner’s speech to Public Bodies Week conference

Thursday 30 November 2017

As Commissioner for Public Appointments, one of my main- indeed enhanced- roles is as a champion of diversity. What does that mean? I don’t appoint anyone myself — that is done by, or on behalf, of ministers on the advice of panels chaired by civil servants alongside an independent member. My function is as a […]

News: Commissioner’s letters to Permanent Secretaries and CSPL

Monday 13 November 2017

Following a recent round of meetings to discuss diversity in Public Appointments, the Commissioner has written a letter to all Permanent Secretaries. He has also written to the Committee on Standards in Public Life to update them on progress.

Diversity in Public Appointments

Wednesday 25 October 2017

The considerable progress made in recent years in the selection of women candidates to the roughly 2,000 appointments to public bodies ( now 45.5 per cent of the total) has only been partially matched amongst BAME candidates. In the last published figures, for 2016-17, just over 9 per cent of appointments and reappointments went to […]

News: Commissioner’s letter to the Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee

Monday 16 October 2017

The Commissioner has written to Maria Miller MP on her re-election as Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee. His letter outlines the progress being made in relation to diversity in Public Appointments.

Diversity and the 2016-17 Annual Survey of Ministerial Appointments and Reappointments

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Responsibility, and the credit, for this performance lie with Ministers and with departments who do the appointing. I don’t. My role is to report and to champion diversity, highlighting good practice and urging changes which will broaden the range of potential, and actual, appointees to the boards of public bodies. The statistics that I will […]

News: Annual Report and Annual Survey of Appointments and Reappointments 2016-17

Tuesday 4 July 2017

The Commissioner for Public Appointments has today published his Annual Report and the Annual Survey of Ministerial Appointments and Reappointments for 2016-17. You can read the Commissioner’s press notice in relation to the above.

News: Annual Statistical Bulletin and Annual Report 2016-17

Thursday 29 June 2017

The Commissioner for Public Appointments intends to publish his annual statistical bulletin (official statistics) along with his annual report for 2016-17, on Tuesday 4 July at 09:30

What is a public appointment?

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Before looking at what is included, it may be more helpful to start with what is excluded. The civil service and the diplomatic service, the armed forces, the intelligence agencies and the judiciary (covered since 2006 by the Judicial Appointments Commission) are not regarded as public appointments in this sense. That leaves a large number […]

News: Letter from the Commissioner to Chris Skidmore MP

Friday 21 April 2017

The Commissioner has today written to Chris Skidmore MP, outlining his plans to monitor the Government’s Governance Code.

Managing conflicts of interest

Thursday 30 March 2017

One of the most fraught issues in public appointments is managing allegations of conflicts of interest. An appointee who has previously worked or still works in an area covered by the public body can be, and often is, criticised for that reason. This is not, however, a straightforward question.