Orders in Council

Orders in Council relating to Public Appointments matters are made from time to time by The Queen at Privy Council meetings.  


The most recent Public Appointments Order in Council was made at Privy Council on 15th November 2017.  It updates the order made in 2016.

The Public Appointments Commissioner Order in Council 2016 was made at Privy Council on 19 April 2016 appointing Peter Riddell as Commissioner for Public Appointments.

The Public Appointments Order in Council 2016 (which makes provision for the Commissioner to monitor Department’s procedures when making public appointments) was made at the Privy Council on 13 July 2016 but it did not come into effect until 1 January 2017 (as provided for in Article 1(1)) to coincide with the introduction of the Governance Code.

It includes a list of all the bodies that are regulated by the Commissioner.



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