Appointments to the Press Recognition Panel

On the 19th of November 2018, the Chief Executive of the Civil Service Commission wrote to the Chief Executive of the PRP about succession planning for the PRP’s Board Members. A copy of this letter can be viewed here: Letter from CSC to the PRP

The Chief Executive of the PRP responded on the 6th of December 2018. A copy of this letter can be viewed here: Letter from PRP to CSC

If you require accessible formats of this correspondence, please contact OCPA:

In 2014, the Commissioner for Public Appointments, Sir David Normington, provided assurance that the appointments to the Press Recognition Panel were made through fair and open competition. Correspondence between the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Commissioner can be found here: Additional Functions for the Commissioner for Public Appointments

The appointment letters can be found here:

David Wolfe QC, Chair Designate

Emma Gilpin-Jacobs

Harry Cayton

Harry Rich

Tim Suter

Carolyn Regan

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