Complaints and Investigations

The Commissioner investigates complaints and may conduct an inquiry into the policies and practices followed in relation to appointments processes which he regulates.

He will only investigate any complaint concerning such an appointment process if the process took place within the preceding 12 months (unless there are exceptional circumstances).

Subject to this time limit, he will investigate complaints which concern:-

  • an individual’s experience as an applicant
  • the way a department or other responsible organisation has handled an appointments process
  • if it appears that the Governance Code may not have been followed.

The Commissioner will not investigate complaints relating to:-

  • non selection or non reappointment unless it appears that the appointments process has breached the Governance Code
  • appointments to public bodies which he does not regulate
  • the manner in which a public body is run
  • the actions of the members of a public body within his remit or their remuneration.

Where a complaint is made to the Commissioner, the Commissioner will request the relevant department or other responsible organisation to try to deal with the complaint. If the complainant remains dissatisfied with the department’s response, the complainant may then request the Commissioner to consider initiating an investigation into the complaint.

If you wish to make a complaint, please download a Word version of the complaints form and email the completed version to:

The Commissioner publishes the results of his investigations.